RiCare™ invisible health monitoring.

Understanding the Challenge

Ageing Population
Thanks to decades of medical advances, people are living longer. Simultaneously chronic diseases are on the increase. This puts pressure on our healthcare systems that with a decreasing active population needs to care for an ever-increasing population of elderly and chronically ill. By 2050 the population of over 65 years of age will have gone from 20% today to 30% in the developed world.

Prolonged Hospitalization
Release from hospital is frequently delayed due to difficulties in follow-up or coping at home after hospitalization or for lack of other care solutions. This is extremely costly to our societies and not a satisfactory solution for the patient.

Increased Healthcare Spending
In all developed countries the healthcare spending is rapidly increasing, reaching 10% of GDP in many countries. With the demographic change, this will continue.

Decreased Margins
Private healthcare and nursing homes see their margins decrease year on year, despite working in strategic networks and with the developed specialisms.

A Need for a Paradigm Change

This clearly indicates a need for a paradigm change. The appropriate technology is available today to take some of the burden off the system whilst providing safer, better healthcare to a broader population. One of the solutions is remote monitoring.

A New Approach to Healthcare

Virtual Care
With modern technology care can be seamlessly provided from a remote location. The patient can live either at home or in assisted living and be followed from a distance by a specialized team that receives health data through remote monitoring.

What is virtual care?
Through wearable devices or sensors in the home a number of data can be collected and transmitted real-time to a medical team with an alert system that detects any deviation. It can be vital sign, such as blood pressure, temperature or heart rate or it can detect movement, falls and other important information regarding the person’s wellbeing. It also permits long-term data and detection of health deterioration over time. This allows for earlier intervention and better care.

The key opportunities in Healthcare sorround:

  • Preventive medicine
  • Predictive care
  • Earlier/pre-diagnosis
  • Early hospital discharge

The Healthcare Big Data Platform

Collectiong Data
As a technology software platform, RiCare™ has been created to collect data signals from a range of wearable devices or sensors.

Real-time Engine
The collected information is recorded and processed in real-time and transmitted to the cloud where it is stored and treated so that the medical team can access it remotely in a report format from any computer or mobile device of their choice.

The data is safely collected, stored and delivered only to the medical team in charge and alerts are automatically sent when a deviation to the data is detected.

Unlimited Capacity
RiCare™ functions on the RiHealthy™ platform that can handle any quantity of data.

Big Picture
RiCare™ is built to provide both real-time data and big-data and will contribute to a better understanding of your patients. It will help create a safe environment for a better and more independent life through an ecosystem of non-intrusive diagnostics.

Just wear it
RiCare™ has a range of small, comfortable devices to monitor many specific statistics.

Wireless Data
Without as much as the press of a button your health data is wirelessly transmitted.

RiCare™ Hub
Our cloud based ‘big data’ centre can securely manage millions of readings every day.

Custom Reports
Your data is used to create individual reports to help your medical team at every stage.


Our Power is Our Process

Proactive real-time monitoring

Non-intrusive devices with invisible monitoring

For care at home
RiCare™ prolongs the time a person can live independently. Without interfering with everyday life it gives safety and peace of mind to the individual, family and caretakers that a medical team is supporting the person and can intervene if and when necessary.

For nursing homes
RiCare™ represents an opportunity to offer assistance to an increasing number of individuals, by adding “virtual beds” to their limited capacity. This also creates a relationship with the elderly person and the family, who will know that the day it becomes impossible to live at home there is a solution with an already established relationship.

For Medical Teams
RiCare™ helps organizing time and resources so that the appropriate resources are put in where they are the most needed, but without any risk of failing to spot an anomaly and missing out on a critical situation.

Always Monitoring
RiCare™ technology is packed with sensors to actively monitor a range of vital statistics.

Continuously Processing
Our cloud servers process your data, logging all information without the press of a button.

Actively Connected
Your data is securely viewable only by your physician for your peace of mind.

Ready to React
We can recognise emergency situations before they occur and take pre-emptive action.

RiCare™ works across many care scenarios…


Reduced personnel costs
Better direct assistance
Increase in percieved safety
Improved risk management


Increase in ‘virtual beds’
Improve patient comfort
Reduce cost for patient/relatives
Increase profitability for facility


Used for short periods of care
Better relation to pathology
Learn how to correct lifestyle
Predictive medi-care

A Sail for Health

The ultimate test
In May 2015 a group of experienced sailors and representatives of the Italian Association of Clinical Engineers (Aiic) set off from Fiumicine on the Italian west coast for a 2 day open sea sail to Cagliari in the south of Sardinia.
The purpose of the sail was to show that remote monitoring can be used efficiently in healthcare to follow vital signs of patients. Three members of the team, Giulio Iachetti, Gianni d’Addio and Simona Bufalari where equipped with T-shirts with sensors from the Italian company Smartex and these sensors where linked by satellite phones sending vital signs to the RiHealthy™ platform hundreds of miles away.

The team from Aiic wanted to show that Telemedicine is becoming an important part of tomorrow’s healthcare and that remote monitoring is already a sustainable solution.

Introducing the RiHealthy Team

  • Paolo Baldo
    Paolo BaldoCEO

    Paolo has over 20 years of Medical Device experience. As the Managing Director of Mediteck he has gained invaluable insight into the Italian Healthcare sector and has an active network both in Italy and in a number of European markets.

    • Matteo Santoro
      Matteo SantoroCTO

      Matteo developed LIME, one of the most consolidated solutions for BIG DATA analysis and machine learning processing in medical devices, after his PHD at MIT. He founded Camelot, a medical imaging software company in 2009 and maintains close collaboration with the University of Genova, from which he is a graduate.

      • Roberto Pedrazzi
        Roberto PedrazziVP Global Sales

        Roberto is a seasoned international sales professional that has held senior management positions in Saint-Gobain in Europe and USA. Creating and developing business are his main skills. He is a General Management graduate from ESSEC Business School.

        • Karin Andersson
          Karin AnderssonVP Global Marketing

          Karin has over 20 years of Global Marketing experience, mainly from the medical sector. She was closely involved in the successful development of several start-ups and has “exit” and IPO experience. Karin is a General Management graduate from ESSEC Business School.

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